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GG's Signature Facial
Customized to dehydrate and gently deep cleanse all skin types with the perfect "right for you" cleanser, exfoliate masque and finishing creams. A sensational massage of the neck, shoulders, and face is accompanied by a gentle stream of steam, leaving you feeling refreshed, and the skin looking healthy and glowing. 50 min. $80

Propolis Facial
Rainforest Renewal - Nature's best kept secret. Propolis from the Brazilian Rainforest is rich in unique antioxidants. 27 different bioflavonoid and special nutrients indigenous to the Brazilian Forest. With astonishing results, you will notice a reduction of fine lines and incredibly smooth skin tone. Propolis is a key ingredient in building the health and immunity of the skin. This treatment will nourish, hydrate and re-mineralize all skin types achieving phenomenal results. 50 min. $95

Acne Facial
This facial addresses the main areas of concern for acneic clients: bacteria control, gentle exfoliation and excessive oil production. Our acne treatment utilizes a unique combination of enzymes, sulfur and pro-biotics as an alternative to traditional methods. 50 min. $100

Clean For Teen Facial
This gentle yet effective facial is designed to introduce your pre-teen and teenager to skin care. This facial includes a Hydrating Mineral Wet Mask and a Pro-Biotic Mask to brighten and refresh the skin. 50 min. $75

Hydrating Facial
Experience the nourishing, refreshing and hydrating rich enzyme solution that will be gently absorbed into your skin. This experience will leave your skin invigorated, fully moisturized and feeling fresh. 50 min. $95

Men's Facial
With growing awareness of health and fitness, men care about how they look and feel. Enjoy our relaxing and rejuvenating facial to give you that re-energized feeling. 50 min. $80

Classic Epicuren Facial
Discover our revolutionary facial that was developed in response to the realization that Metadermabolic Enzymes with vitamins and protein complexes rapidly improve the metabolism and cellular memory of dermal cells. This highly active enzyme reprograms the skin cells to use more energy, thereby becoming self-rejuvenating. Symptoms of aging skin including wrinkles, loss of glow, irregular skin tones, and increased pore size are reversed and repaired. 50 min. $110

Green Tea & Ginger Sea Enzyme Mask
A nourishing mask made with a variety of South Pacific Ocean seaweed ingredients delicately blended with Green Tea and Ginger in an Aloe base. This clean, fresh smelling mask delivers rich minerals, vitamins, and enzymes from the ocean to your skin. 50 min. $115