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Body Treatment

Green Tea and Ginger Sea Enzyme Body Wrap - 80 min. $135
Start with a full body scrub containing Napa Valley Grape Seeds, which are high in antioxidants, and natural cleanser made from Geranium essential oils, making your skin smooth and more receptive. Follow with a body wrap with a Green Tea to balance the body's yin and yang, Ginger root to invigorate the mind, and a Seaweed Algae, known as nature's most complete source of nutrition and helps stimulate your body's metabolism. The final step is a body massage with an epicuren "facial quality" aromatherapy massage lotion. This treatment is excellent for jet lag.

Brazilian Rainforest Body Wrap - 60 min. $115
From the vast botanical diversity of the Brazilian Rain Forest, honeybees collect the raw materials to produce Propolis. Propolis is naturally high in antioxidants, extremely healing and forms a natural barrier against disease. In this innovate treatment, Propolis is applied to your skin and your body is wrapped for the complete absorption of this magical elixir. After the wrap, to further seal in the Propolis, warm Coconut Milk is poured over your entire body and gently massaged in for astonishing healing and moisturizing results. The harvesting of Propolis produces economic aid to Brazilian Rain Forest while at the same time being ecologically friendly.

Noni Body Wrap - 60 min. $120
Known for its legendary healing powers, the Noni plant was brought to the Hawaiian Islands by ancient Polynesians. The Hawaiian people use the juice of this tropical fruit as a natural, multi-purpose healing agent. Start with an application of Noni gel, then wrap to enhance absorption. Noni is soothing, healing and naturally tightens your skin. Fire dancers used Noni Gel to heal burns; so it's perfect for the treatment of sun burn. Follow with warm coconut milk poured over your body and gently massaged in, to leave you with that healthy glow of a Tropical Paradise.

Pacific Paradise - 80 min. $135
From the South Pacific, we start with a Papaya Pineapple Body Scrub to exfoliate your skin and help put you into the "island vacation mode." This is followed by a luxurious massage with hot coconut and kukui nut oil that would make even the big kahunas envious!

Island Castaway - 80 min. $135
Your island transformation begins with a pineapple body scrub to exfoliate your skin leaving it smooth and more receptive. Next, warm coconut milk is poured over your body followed by a transporting tropical massage. You may never want to be rescued.

Alpine Sport Massage - 50 min. $110 / 80 min. $135
Treat yourself to our Alpine Sport Massage with a warm herbal spice lotion, and Epicuren Facial Quality Products. Not only will this help the skier's muscles, and prevent injuries, it will also deeply moisturize dry winter skin.

White Rose Petal Moisturizing Massage - 60 min. $110 / 80 min. $135
Known to be the most hydrating of all essential oils, rose is also used in famous Epicuren treatments as a cure for perpetually dry skin. A massage with white rose petal facial lotion leaves your skin soft and moist and your mind will be aromatically relaxed, like only a fresh bouquet of roses can do.

Wild Lavender Healing Tranquility Massage - 50 min. $95 / 80 min. $135
We only use wild lavender which is planted and nourished by Mother Nature herself and blended into our exclusive Epicuren facial quality massage lotion. You will find this exquisite massage to be healing to your body, calming to your mind, and revitalizing to your spirit.

Wild Lavender Body Facial - 60 min. $110 / 80 min. $125
First we start with a Geranium Grape Seed body scrub to smooth and exfoliate your skin, followed by a gentle body mist with our Sandalwood Essential Oils to balance the skin and relax the mind. Next receive a luxurious massage with our wild lavender protein enzyme "facial quality" emulsion. Finish with an application of a unique pepper mint glycolic cream to further smooth, exfoliate and soften your skin.

Ultimate Body Facial - 80 min. $135 / 110 min. $150
Start with a full body scrub with our papaya pineapple grape seed scrub to make your skin smooth and more receptive. Follow with a wrap containing Green Tea to balance the body's yin and yang, ginger root which is stimulating but grounding to the mind and Seaweed Algae, known as nature's most complete source of nutrition and helps to stimulate your body's metabolism. Follow with a massage using Epicuren's "facial quality" aromatherapy lotion, and an application of Epicuren's Glycolic Polymer cream with peppermint to further smooth, exfoliate and stimulate your skin.

Classic Rubdown - 80 min. $135
Old world tradition begins with a Try-Crystal scrub that combines Dead Sea salt, sugar, from sugar cane, and magnesium oxide crystals for stimulating exfoliation. You are then given a classic rubdown to enliven both your body and mind. Top this off with a sports massage using Sandalwood lotion to melt away your tired and sore muscles.

Epicuren Body Firming Mask - 60 min. $110
Using a thermal firming mask that heats up while it dries and hardens, your skin will be exposed to a very unique treatment which helps tighten, tone and firm the body by boosting cellular activity and improving elasticity of the skin. Immediate results can be expected, perfect for cellulite.

Flush Papaya Body Facial - 50 min. $105 / 80 min. $135
Start with a body exfoliation using our papaya pineapple body scrub for a smooth and polished feel. Follow with a tropical scented massage using Epicuren's "facial quality" papaya pineapple lotion, containing rejuvenating protein enzymes (just like the facial products.) The final step is an application of a Glycolic Polymer cream with Peppermint to further smooth, exfoliate and stimulate your skin.

Orange Blossom Body Facial - 50 min. $105/ 80 min. $135
Your body is exfoliated and polished with an aromatic mandarin orange body scrub for smooth and more receptive skin. The body is then gently misted with Epicuren's orange blossom aromatherapy before it is gently massaged with a "facial quality" orange blossom enzyme protein massage lotion. The final step is the application of Epicuren's Glycolic Polymer cream with peppermint to further smooth, exfoliate, and stimulate your skin.